Our Services

The auditing of financial statement services

The basic pillar of our services were to evaluate the customer financial case and give our independent opinion that his financial statements will appear as his financial position and his business results according to the auditing requirements and standards which were accepted and as the Saudi Organization of Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) standards

Zakat, Tax, Value added Tax (VAT) Consulting services

The kingdom in these days with the Gulf Countries have quantum leap in the field of diversification their income sources and distribute the services burdens, so they pursued to apply VAT and from here our office response comes to follow the requirement,

The mutation consulting services to international standards IFRS

The Kingdom witnessed in 2017G a mutation in auditing standards from local to international standards within two stages, the first one was in the year 2017 for the listed share holding companies in the market, then follow it in the year 2018 the other companies,

Multifarious consulting services

We offer our services in a wide range in auditing and scrupulousness, different financial consulting, Zakat, Taxes, Value added tax (VAT), converting to international standards, Judicial accounting, liquidation, and legacies...etc.

Forensic accounting, contention, and disputes of finance and commerce

The honour for our office to get the trust of Judicial authorities through the undertake many of issues of financial disputes according to an exact and in depth study, which don’t let any of parties of conflict an opportunity to object, or find gaps in the Judicial reports.

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