Rami Khalid Al-Khedher C.P.A

(Founder & Managing Partner of RCPA )

- Rami is the Founder and Managing Partner of RCPA a member firm of SFAI. He has over 30 years of experience being a part of professional services firms and corporations.

Experience Fields:
- Prior to founding his firm, he worked for 20 years as the manager for the financial analysis function at Saudi Aramco, the largest oil producer in the world with an estimated market valuation of $2 Trillion. He also served as a director at Nexia International for accounting and auditing company (KSA). .

Basic Responsibilities:
- Apart from his Professional Certified Public Accountants qualification, he holds in a Ph.D in Family Therapy and is a consultant in human, social and educational relations.

Experience Fields:
skill - Accounting, Taxes, money management, external auditing in public and private sectors, administrative and occupational consulting, accounting, financial analysis, in addition to practical experience in the Judicial accounting, financial disputes and in the liquidations.

Amjad Jameel Al-Ramahi

(Manager of Easter Region )

- He earned the bachelor in science, financial accounting specialization form Applied Science University, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1996. and also holds a British fellowship.
- He has over twenty years experience in auditing and accounting in all kinds of companies and different sectors, and he is a member of Certified Public Accountants Organization.
- He works as an office manager and the head of the auditing team in many auditing offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is working as the manager of the eastern region branch. He has been an active part in developing the branch and its clients and build a strong relationship with them and develop all services provided to them. He has also played a constructive role in the most important strategic decisions in RCPA.
- Also he has extensive experience in the field of Zakat, Tax, and supervision of preparing the declarations of Zakat and Tax and submission of objections and studying Zakat appeals, also he has experience in founding companies, liquidation, feasibility studies, and valuation of assets and companies.

Siraj Mujahed Mleeshu

(Audit Manager)


- Siraj is the audit manager at RCPA. He holds a M.Sc. in financial management from Arab Academy for Financial and Banking Sciences and Bachelor in science, financial accounting specialization, from Applied Sciences University, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

- His vocational experience encompasses more than fifteen years. He was a part of Arthur Anderson for four years, after which he moved to the private sector industry as a manager of financial and management affairs and human resources for international biggest specialized companies in wholesale and retail trade (FMCG).

- As his position as an audit manager, he is the responsible for audit planning process, and leading and supporting the team by supervision to implement the Job and contribution to solve any vocational matters may arise during the work.